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Howdy fellow surfer. If you are looking for free VPN providers & servers, you found the right site.  We are listing as much free vpn providers for different protocols and countrys as we find on the internet. So you can enjoy Video on Demand, Music Streaming, Filesharing or Porn Sites from other countries anywhere on the planet

The Free VPN services on this site are great for Website unblocking, Faking a IP Adress if yours is blocked and to bypass copyright restrictions or paywalls. If you need a quick solution – check out one of the free VPN services below and they do what you need.

For video streaming or filesharing its better to take a free trial from a professional VPN Service. The Free VPN solutions are not fast enough to deliver a good videostreaming or music streaming experience – neither is filesharing any fun.  Their servers are packed with users as they are free to use for everyone.

Free VPN for Video- or Musicstreaming?

If you want to stream music or video, its better to sign up for a VPN service with a 30 day money back guarantee like ExpressVPN, use the VPN as much as you want – and cancel the subscription in time. They give you your money back – no questions asked. This way you get a high quality, speedy  VPN for free.

Also please note:  Dont do anything private like banking, paypal, accessing company sites, logging in to your email or  facebook account etc.  on a „Free VPN“ from below.

Why? Because the person or company which provides the free VPN service has to pay the cost for the VPN Server as well as the traffic which is used by the you. So they have to earn money in some way.

Many „Free VPN / VPN Gratis“ services modify the data stream before they redirect it to you. For example, ad codes in websites are changed or they display own ads on other websites by filtering the html data and replacing parts of it. If you just want to surf some free VR Sex Sites like VrPornTeens – who cares. But what if you do something more privacy sensitive?

Others simply log your surfing data and sell it to dataminers for profiling and analyzing your online behaviour.  Really bad examples of Free VPN Services installed trojan horses on its users computers who calculated bitcoins for the people who run the VPN Gratis Service.

Free VPN from big commercial VPN Services – here´s the deal:

So there is no cause to be scared, just use the Free VPN Services wisely and never send private data over a gratis VPN connection. If you need a more secure connection, get yourself a free trial version from a big commercial VPN Service like Strong VPN  or Vypr VPN. For a limited time you can use their VPN services for free to test them.  Some offer even 30 days trial periods – enough for watching Netflix or Hulu abroad on vacation. Just remember to cancel the subscription in time and you get the VPN for Free.


Completely free VPN Services:

But if you just need a VPN for websurfing, you can also use a slower – but completely free VPN service:

Homepage Locations Host/Servername IP USA, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France United Kingdom
Canada United Kingdom
USA United Kingdom
USA Romania USA
United Kingdom USA
United Kingdom
Canada Netherlands Netherlands FreeVPN.NL Netherlands United Kingdom
Canada United Kingdom
USA USA(Los Angeles,Dallas,Atlanta)
United Kingdom
Italy United Kingdom United Kingdom USA
United Kingdom
Canada USA United Kingdom
USA USA Canada United Kingdom

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